The Fog is lifting (Documentary movie) Part I: Islam in brief

.The Fog is lifting (Documentary movie) Part I: Islam in brief is a view into Islam which may seem as a mystery for many people around the globe. The idea to make such a documentary came after the wake of 9-11 to declare that Muslims believe in freedom of speech and to explain about Islam and Islamic beliefs.


sp_228_fog_movieThe 9-11 attacks made many people search for educational, interesting & comprehensive information about Islam. This film has it all.

It includes the following topics;

Meaning of Islam, does God exist, freedom of religion, original goodness,

the purpose of life, the six main beliefs in Islam and the main five deeds of Muslims.

Islam in brief was produced in 14 different languages in the subtitles.


By the end of this documentary we believe that by educating each other about our differences we facilitate the interconnection between people and increase their tolerance towards each other.


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