Mohamed Gadallah


sp_16_untitledMohamed Gadallah was born in Cairo, 1972. He studied German and Spanish at the faculty of languages Al-Alsun - Ain- shams University (1991-1994).

He also received his Egyptology Diploma from Helwan University (1992-1993). He has attended courses about Islam in German language at Al-Azhar University. Different themes like Shari'a, Women in Islam, Jihad, Holy Books, Prophet Muhammad, and Misconceptions, all taught by great scholars.

Mohamed is currently a German speaking tour guide working for TUI (Touristic Union International) as well as Dr. Tigges- Study Tours since 1993.


Through out the past 10 years, Mohamed has lectured thousands of German speaking non-Muslims in Egypt, Germany and Austria about the Egyptian culture & Islam. He has also developed a website about Islam for German speaking non-Muslims in 2001:

Mohamed has been certified as a Public Presenter for Peace from Bridges Foundation. He is one of the founders of the Foundation in Austria (Die Brücke zur Toleranz & Frieden - BTF Verein- Salzburg)

He is a guest speaker on cultural TV programs, such as "Secrets World" on the Egyptian Channel Eight.



Mohamed is a piano player, a former amateur's theater actor & director in Ain Shams University & the Egyptian culture center in Cairo Opera and former basketball player. He received several awards, honor certificates, and gold medals in those fields.

For more information, check his website: